Welcome to Teton County Sexual Violence Prevention

Often preventing sexual assault feels impossible, and too broad to address with a single person’s actions. ACT JH: To End Sexual Violence disagrees. The ACT JH movement believes there is a lot that you can do as in individual, as a parent, as a business owner, or as a member of our Jackson Hole community, to prevent sexual assault.

  • Be a myth-buster: Educate yourself! There are many myths out there about sexual violence. Taking time to “bust” the myths around sexual assault will go a long way. For example, nearly 90% of sexual assaults are actually not perpetrated by a stranger, but a friend, family member, significant other, or acquaintance of the survivor. Check out some statistics about sexual violence here: www.CSNJH.org
  • Roles-schmoles: Look closely at gender roles and stereotypes. Studies find that most perpetrators have a rigid sense of gender roles, masculinity, femininity, and homophobia. Next time you tell a child, “Girls don’t play with trucks!” or “That’s not a boy’s color!”, think about what message is underneath that and where it comes from. Homophobia has a direct link to sexism and sexual violence.
  • Analyze this: Stop and think about what our media feeds us. Take a moment to look for yourself at what the media tells us about the way men and women should be and interact with each other. Spend time with loved ones or kids helping them start to see the hidden messages of violence and sexual violence in our media. Don’t just take it in without critically thinking.
  • Be the change you wish to see: Model healthy relationships to others. Making an effort to continually treat people with respect sends many positive messages to our friends and family. You deserve healthy relationships! Rape isn’t funny: Yes, people do make jokes about rape and sexual assault. If you hear a joke like that, politely explain that it is a real issue that dramatically impacts people’s lives. You might get negative attention for being “a downer,” but isn’t it worth it in the long run if your words can help end sexual violence?
  • Speak up for survivors: Let people in your life know that you are connected to resources for survivors or willing to talk about the sensitive issues of sexual violence when they arise. This will mean a great deal to anyone in their time of need. And promoting these messages by sporting your ACT JH: To End Sexual Violence gear.

Community Safety Network helps victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking find safety anytime of the day or night. All services are free and confidential and include shelter at the Newton House of Hope, advocacy, support, and transitional housing.